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       Yongxin Sunshine Magnet Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2015, which is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials, and is a leading supplier of core application materials in the field of new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection in the world. Annual production of NdFeB capacity is about 800 tons, the company's products are widely used in New Energy Vehicles and Auto Parts, Energy-Saving Inverter Air Conditioner, Wind Power Generation, 3C, Industrial Energy-Saving Motors, Energy-Saving Elevators and other fields, and in various fields at home and abroad the world's top 500 enterprises to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations.

  NdFeB permanent magnet materials have outstanding advantages in magnetic properties compared with other magnetic materials, with high magnetic energy product, coercivity and energy density. At present, the company has a full production capacity, covering product research and development, mold development and manufacturing, blank production, finished product processing, surface treatment and other links, and comprehensively control and manage each process. The company masters the core technologies such as blank production and grain boundary penetration technology, can supply customers with cost-effective high-performance rare earth permanent magnets for a long time and stably, and according to the needs of the application field, equipped with production, inspection and research and development equipment, establish a sound production process and quality management system, has obtained ISO9001:2015 and other environmental and quality system certification. At present, N58, 56M, 56H, 56SH, 54UH, 50EH, 45AH, 38VH and other grades of high-performance sintered NdFeB magnets have been supplied in batches, and can provide injection magnets and molded magnets, with a complete range of products, strong stability, high comprehensive quality and cost performance, and strong competitiveness in the industry.